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  • Brand: Haya Labs
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Cal-Mag-Zinc Vitamin D

Calcium Magnesium & Zinc with Vitamin D by Haya Labs is a product with excellent raw materials that provides the nutrients necessary...

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Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea by Haya Labs is a natural product with a golden root herbal extract with famous toning properties, stimulating mental...

-20% €14.99 €18.74
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Super Enzyme Complex

Haya Labs Super Enzyme Complex is a food supplement in tablet form consisting of a complex of digestive enzymes that take part in the...

-20% €13.99 €17.49
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Immunity Formula

No Entry with Garlic MAXX by Revange Life is the health supplement in its latest evolution, which strengthens and strengthens the...

-20% €19.99 €24.99
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DHEA 50mg 180cps

Haya Labs DHEA is a diet supplement supporting the hormonal balance in men and women. DHEA is a naturally produced by the organism...

-20% €24.99 €31.24
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Huperzine A

Huperzine A 98% standardized extract of Haya Labs is a 100% natural herbal supplement for the health of the nervous system. Hupzine is a...

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Kava Kava

-25% €10.99 €14.65