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5-HTP is the abbreviation of 5-hydroxytryptophan, a non-essential amino acid involved both in the synthesis of Serotonin, downstream of Melatonin.
You may have heard that Serotonin (or 5-hydroxytryptamine) plays a role in many functions, including sleep regulation,. It has been described as a "happy chemistry" because of its relationship with happiness and well-being. It will also help in training in promoting weight loss.
Many researchers have concluded that serotonin increases satiety rather than a reduction in appetite.

5-HTP (Hydroxytryptophan) from Genetic Nutrition is a supplement based on 5-hydroxytryptophan extracted from the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolita tit. 99%, among the most powerful in its category
Natural precursor of Serotonin, it is a supplement that facilitates relaxation and rest and is desirable for controlling hunger by decreasing the psychophysical stress of the restrictive diet, as well as being excellent against depression and anxiety.
Ideal product to normalize the sleep-wake cycle, it can be taken to support slimming diets as well as to fully exploit recovery and deep sleep phases.

This supplement releases the Tryptophan which is converted into Serotonin and then into Melatonin. In fact, there is a correlation between hormones which, in a synergistic way, acting on neural relaxation, improve sleep and rest.
Many athletes do not consider very much the importance of a complete night's rest, in fact, during the night, thanks to an adequate rest, our body is able to optimize the recovery processes, the construction of lean tissue with proper nutrition, and depending on of the type of diet and weight loss.
Furthermore, during a period of intense psychophysical stress, Serotonin is essential to hinder sleep disorders such as insomnia, a problem unfortunately common that is usually amplified also by the use of pre-workout supports containing nervous system stimulants.

The exceptional product of Genetic Nutrition is therefore a supplement to be taken to improve sleep, rest and to support lipolysis, improving the athlete's body composition.
This product also gradually releases the nutrient, a very important peculiarity since during the night a continuous support of hydroxytryptophan is needed.

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