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Modern BCAA+

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Modern BCAA+ 535g by Modern Sports Nutrition
USP Labs was the first company in the world to have introduced a branched amino acid with an 8:1:1 ratio and added L-alanine-L-Glutamine to the market. Modern BCAA completely disorienting the bcaa amino acid market, as after numerous studies conducted on the subject it was found that L-Leucine is the most important essential amino acid for all athletes as it performs basic functions on energy metabolism and muscle maintenance. Today the fledgling Modern Sports Nutrition that acquired the rights has put them back into production.
It took almost 16 months of work by Usp Labs technicians to finalize the formulation of the Modern BCAAs but it was worth it as a unique product on the market was created. In terms of Leucine, from a strictly technical point of view, the data show that only Leucine and the other amino acids structurally linked to Leucine are responsible for the increase of the mTOR process, activator of protein synthesis.
Another point in favor of Modern BCAAs was the complete absence of calories as it does not contain carbohydrates of any kind, this feature makes the product ultra soluble. The USP Labs company also paid attention to the quality of the raw materials used for this reason they decided to use natural dyes and flavors.

This version called PLUS brings in addition electrolytes and 4 essential amino acids:
- Glycine: supplementing with this amino with exercise is very important because muscles release more glycine during exercise than any other amino acid, creating a catabolic state.
- Alanine: Also released at very high rates during fasting exercise, making supplementation important for preventing a catabolic state †.
- Taurine: the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle. A recent animal study showed that when muscles were low in taurine, muscle function and performance were significantly reduced.
- Lysine: This essential amino acid has been shown to preserve leucine.

Are you getting carbohydrates with your workout? In this case, that's why taking Modern BCAA +
The essential amino acids in Modern BCAA + when ingested with a carbohydrate source can have quite surprising effects.
When Modern BCAA + is taken with carbohydrates, it allows you to exploit the anabolic potential of the hormone insulin, minimizing the potential lipogenic effects. This is important because insulin is a highly anabolic hormone compared to skeletal muscle, however, insulin can cause fat gain. This particular amino acid appears to allow the body to harness the anabolic effects of insulin on skeletal muscle, while minimizing fat gain.

Flavo B 07/03/2019

Il meglio al meno

BCAA famosissimo e di qualità. Qui poi al miglior prezzo che ho trovato in giro. Top

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