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PeptoBol (PeptoPro®)

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Yamamoto® Nutrition presents PeptoBol®
PeptoBol® is a nutritional supplement for sportsmen who practice intense and prolonged physical activity over time. Hydrolysates of casein (PeptoPro®) are derived from casein (milk protein known for its slow digestion) that has been subjected to hydrolysis, an artificial process of enzymatic digestion that provides for the division of peptide bonds of protein molecules making them smaller in size; these peptides are digested and absorbed more quickly at intestinal level, contributing to the processes of maintenance and growth of muscle mass, typical of proteins.

The creation of "PeptoBol®" was not just a fashion statement, but is typical of Yamamoto® Nutrition philosophy, being a scientifically proven choice.

Studies currently available show various peculiarities of hydrolysed casein; in fact it has been shown that they can be superimposed as an amino acid spike for the classical "Whey" but then maintaining a very long-lasting amino acidity, as if they were absurdly longer chain proteins and not small amino acid fragments used for their fast absorption capacity without any annoying traction in the gastrointestinal tract.

PeptoBol® is formulated with hydrolysed caseins (PeptoPro®) and contains a high percentage (70/80%) of small di- and tri-peptides that can quickly reach the ideal, if not essential, blood stream for the delicate moment of post-workout.

PeptoBol® is pure hydrolysed casein (PeptoPro®) without alterations caused by flavouring or sweeteners so as not to "pollute" its particular characteristics.

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