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JetFuel Diuretic

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The Jetfuel brand has been producing great weight loss products for over ten years, with maximum results.
JETFUEL® DIURETIC is an effective, stimulant-free way to reduce water and water retention, and improve muscle definition. Each powerful serving provides more than 2400mg for 14 active ingredients to help you give you the hard, dry look you want.
Jet Fuel Diuretic by Gat Sport is the new diuretic / slimming prepared with the use of Explotab® technology which guarantees a high absorption of the active ingredients and a rapid increase in energy. Effective formula free of stimulants! A strong diuretic that accelerates the removal of subcutaneous water and intensifies fat burning.
JETFUEL® DIURETIC is a combination of diuretic, thermogenic, electrolyte, MCT oil, and blood sugar-regulating extracts all rolled into one. The preparation effectively removes excess water from the body, reduces the craving for sweets and reduces appetite. A high dose of active ingredients affects the achievement of a slim, lean figure and well-being during periods of restrictive diet.

Take 6 caps daily for 7 days

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