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Accelerate (DMAA)

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Augmented Labs Accelerate is pure Geranamine extract.
Food supplement for experts that contains ingredient with stimulating, nootropic and thermogenic effect.
DMAA offers marked stimulation of the nervous system, facilitates weight loss by increasing the release of catecholamine with a more efficient release of lipids from adipocytes, inhibition of appetite and enormous energy, which forces us to perform more activities.
Not suitable for people sensitive to stimulants, children under 21, and not perfectly healthy.

90 tablets of 40mg of Geranamine (1.3 DMAA)

Take 1 to a maximum of 3 tablets per day at your own tolerance.

Franz R 09/20/2019

Ottimo DMAA

Unico nel suo genere. Difficile da reperire e sembra di qualità. Non per tutti.

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