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T-7 is the latest and most extreme thermogenic fat burner from the famous rotten Zion Labs, evolution of the already powerful T6, with the further addition of DMHA and Yohimbine HCL!
The synergistic action of Ephedrine, Aspirin and Caffeine is still an unsurpassed mix in fat loss. DMAA makes it the most effective and powerful in its category.
A powerful product that ensures effective fat loss and marked reduction in appetite.
As with all products of this type, it is advisable to take it in the first part of the day, away from the night's rest.
Combining physical activity with T-7 will boost the basal metabolic rate, allowing you to continue burning fat even in the hours of recovery.
T-7 is a supplement intended for people who want to reduce adipose tissue, both for those who have a lot of kilos to lose, and for those who are almost at the finish line to get to the ideal silhouette. The T-7 fat burner accelerates the metabolism and stimulates the lipolysis process in a marked way. It has a high thermogenic potential and causes calorie consumption to increase during physical activity, leading to a gradual use of fat reserves.
T-7 is developed on the basis of the famous ECA formula, which includes the 3 components: ephedrine (40mg), caffeine (250mg) and aspirin (150mg) plus DMAA (50mg)
Each of them has some properties that facilitate the reduction of fats, but acting synergistically they show their full potential.

Ephedrine: acting on neurotransmitters in the brain, it leads to an acceleration of heart rate, an increase in metabolism, an increase in body temperature, blocks appetite and increases energy expenditure.
Caffeine: increases the heartbeat, increases psychomotor stimulation, reduces fatigue, increases metabolism and accelerates calorie reduction.
Aspirin: on the other hand, it increases the effect of caffeine and ephedrine, increases sweating during training, helps burn fat.
DMAA: a very strong stimulant. Suppresses appetite, stimulates the process of reducing fat tissue and helps increase the intensity of workouts.
DHMA: psychoactive CNS stimulant with a molecular structure similar to ephedrine and DMAA. Increases energy, cognitive functions, reduced appetite and improved bronchodilation.
Yohimbine HCL: works by blocking the body's alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, from this extraordinary ability its use for fat loss, especially in the places of "stubborn fat".

The components of T-7 provide the body with a stimulation that many lack. People with a fast metabolic rate have a hard time gaining weight because their bodies are naturally adapted to burning large amounts of fat. Many of us would need help to boost metabolism. T-7 will take care of it by itself in a very marked way.
Yes, it is the same product that has taken the fitness and bodybuilding market by storm. Now it will be possible to experience its unparalleled effectiveness that many would like to keep secret. All ingredients are 100% natural and safe in improving metabolism and keeping it at a high level. This is very important because it helps burn more than just the combination of diet and exercise. All ingredients have been carefully selected and tested.

Single serving: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60
Contained in 1 serving:
Eph 40mg
Caffeine 250mg
Aspirin 150mg
DMAA 50mg
DMHA 50mg
Yohimbine HCL 5mg

Use with caution. Start with 1 capsule before exercise, preferably on an empty stomach. Maximum rise to 2cps per day.

Giuliano 02/14/2022


Uno dei pochi prodotti che percepisco davvero tanto. Lo uso come preworkout, a giorni alterni praticamente. Da una carica mentale pazzesca che dura per ore, sconsiglio di prenderlo dopo le 5 del pomeriggio. Workout infiniti e battiti costantemente alti ma senza tachicardia. Focus e maggiore motivazione, maggiore sudorazione e aggressività.

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Valerio l 07/29/2021


prodotto davvero ottimo.<br /> abbinato ad una dieta ipocalorica fa il suo dovere.<br />

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