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Brain Reaper from Skull Labs is the brand's new fat burner, designed for cutting people. The product is designed to speed up metabolism, improve mental function and increase workout intensity.

Brain Reaper contains a large composition of as many as 9 plant extracts that perfectly support the work of muscles and nervous system. The supplement is designed to keep mood elevated, and promote increased energy expenditure.

Brain Reaper is designed to improve the weight loss phase with a specially calibrated composition of adaptogens and plant extracts to significantly improve well-being, nervous system functioning and increase the thermogenic rate. Weight loss is usually associated with a decrease in energy levels and a bad mood. Brain Reaper is designed to give a motivational kick and improve mood. The product is designed to perform workouts always at 100% despite the calorie deficit. This will allow you to continue towards your weight loss results by preventing the yo-yo effect.

Extract Complex - contains up to 9 different plant extracts to support well-being and accelerate fat burning. The complex contains:
Ashwaganda Root Extract (1.5% Vitanolides) - 250 mg
Green Tea Leaf Extract (50% EGCG) - 250 mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract (50% ACG) - 250 mg
Nettle Root Extract - 200 mg
Ginger Root Extract (5% gingerols) - 200 mg
Guarana Seed Extract (22% caffeine) - 200 mg
Cinnamon Bark Extract - 200 mg
Black Pepper Seed Extract (95% Piperine) - 10 mg
Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract (1% Capsaicin) - 10 mg

Beta-alanine - the action of beta-alanine allows us to increase endurance during training. It allows you to maintain progression and perform a really intense workout. Beta-alanine is also responsible for faster muscle regeneration, reducing the time needed to rest between sets.

L-carnitine tartrate - the action of the amino acid L-carnitine helps accelerate the effect of weight loss. In sports supplementation, it is used to improve the transport of free fatty acids in the mitochondria. L-carnitine also has an antioxidant effect, as well as allowing for more intense workouts.

L-Tyrosine - belongs to the group of amino acids with metabolism enhancing effects. It helps maintain elevated thyroid activity, which results in the production of T3 and T4 hormones. Tyrosine also allows the nervous system to function better, increasing focus and concentration levels during training.

Taurine - amino acid with a very good effect on metabolism. Taurine improves the use of energy substances and favors the maintenance of a high degree of tissue sensitivity. Taurine also has an anti-catabolic effect, it will therefore protect the muscles from catabolism.

Choline bicinate - chemical that forms when tartaric acid and choline combine to form a single molecule. Choline bicinate, in its current state, functions as a precursor to acetylcholine. Its addition will effectively improve exercise capacity, support concentration and improve nervous system function.

CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is aimed at physically active people who wish to lose weight. Linoleic acid is a form of unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid. It is metabolized in the body into a number of different compounds which are essential for the proper functioning of the metabolic system. Conjugated linoleic acid has a broad spectrum of health benefits. In addition, linoleic acid helps maintain adequate blood cholesterol levels. Importantly, CLA accelerates weight loss.

Caffeine - the addition of caffeine is designed to counteract fatigue. Its action helps to trigger thermogenic processes and burn more body fat. Caffeine allows you to wake up and have a great workout. It is the most popular stimulant and is widely used in sports supplementation.

L-Theanine - a non-protein amino acid naturally found in green tea. Since it is able to cross the barrier that separates blood from the brain, it has nootropic properties. It regulates mood, induces calmness and relieves symptoms of worry and tension. Improve cognitive function, work performance and learning efficiency. Researchers have shown that theanine is helpful in increasing concentration, alertness and productivity.

Choline Alfoscerate (Alpha-GPC) - Choline Alfoscerate is a natural precursor to acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter that supports cognitive development and also promotes memory enhancement. Choline is a component of the cell membranes of neural tissues, including the brain and other nervous tissues. Alpha-GPC is a highly bioavailable form of choline.

Vitamin B6 - its presence in the diet allows the utilization of many nutrients. Some of the processes in which vitamin B6 is essential are the metabolism of amino acids and the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids. It also affects the levels of serotonin and adrenaline, which support the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Niacin - performs a number of extremely important tasks in the human body, mainly the support of the nervous system. It is a precursor of the coenzymes (NAD and NADP) included in the oxidoreductases, nicotinic acid amide has the ability to influence the metabolism of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. Niacin also takes care of normal cholesterol levels, lowering cholesterol levels.

Chromium - is a component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF), which means it plays a role in glucose metabolism in the body. When there is an increase in glucose levels, the liver will create GTF, which is then released into the blood. It works in conjunction with insulin to bring glucose into the body's cells and make it easier for these cells to absorb glucose. Consequently, chromium plays a role in regulating blood glucose levels. It prevents strong sugar fluctuations, which reduce the desire to snack.

Anhydrous caffeine - purine alkaloid with stimulating effects. Caffeine allows you to perform a more intense workout. Caffeine also has a thermogenic effect, increasing body temperature. This action results in an increase in the effectiveness of weight loss. Caffeine is the basis for the other stimulants.

2 scoops 20-30 minutes before training.

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