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Berberine HCL

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Berberine HCL 400mg from Haya Labs thanks to its energy-enhancing action, supporting insulin sensitivity, has become a supplement success. Berberine is widely used in sports, in weight loss, but also in pro-health supplementation, as an adaptogen with a very broad spectrum of activity. Bodybuilders readily use berberine due to its action as an insulin imitator. This means that consuming large amounts of carbohydrates is used more efficiently. This is related to its hypoglycemic effect, which makes it easier for the muscles to consume glucose.

What is berberine and how to use it?
Berberine HCL is a highly concentrated extract derived from the Berberis plant which by its chemical nature belongs to the group of alkaloids, as indicated, among other things, by its bitter taste. It has a number of health beneficial properties confirmed by numerous studies. Berberine supplementation consists of administering the compound several times a day. Its concentration in the body lasts up to several hours, so you can easily use it at regular intervals. Many people recommend taking a dose of around 400 mg with a high-carbohydrate meal, helping to lower blood sugar levels after the meal.

Application for athletes
Berberine in the athlete's diet is used for its supportive action on insulin metabolism. As we know, people who exercise consume large amounts of carbohydrates which must be used optimally for muscle needs, but also for muscle recovery or building. Berberine shows here the insulin mimetic action, helping to optimize the processes of using the energy consumed. It is also a great addition for reducing body fat. Research has shown that berberine activates the AMPK enzyme, which is responsible for metabolism in many cells in our body, which allows them to work more efficiently. There is another very important element that athletes benefit from, and this is the effect on LDL and HDL levels. In bodybuilding, we often deal with problems with the lipidogram and cholesterol. Berberine improves its parameters.

1-3 capsules per day with meals.

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