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In 2003, Molecular Nutrition created the first product on the market based on Arachidonic Acid (ARA). As we have seen, it was an extremely effective anabolic supplement that triggered a real storm in the supplement industry, leading to a new category of products, the products based on Arachidonic Acid
Molecular Nutrition is a leader in the ARA technology sector and this is the super-concentrated version of its original product.
X-Factor is a supplement built around this single ingredient, patented by the famous supplement guru, William Llewellyn and which has a copious amount of research behind it to support its ability to improve strength and power in human athletes. This makes it very special since very few supplements have such human research that testifies to their positive impact on athletes. As a non-hormonal muscle builder that works, there is no better than X-Factor.
Arachidonic acid is actually an essential Omega-6 fatty acid stored in muscle cells and released when stimulating the muscles through intense workouts. It helps control protein synthesis, and increases cellular reaction to the body's main anabolic hormones: Testosterone, Insulin, GH and IGF-1. This primary role in the muscle growth process means that Arachidonic Acid is the most powerful natural anabolic compound that can be purchased.
As a sports supplement, ARA is used to support muscle mass gain, strength and power, as well as muscle retention during fat loss. ARA's ability to support these goals lies in its fundamental role within the body, essential for the initiation of muscle protein synthesis after exercise, thus generating muscle growth.
ARA levels within the muscles can decrease with regular training, which can make it much more difficult to trigger new gains. This phenomenon is known as a "plateau".
X-Factor can help maintain optimal levels of Arachidonic Acid, so that the muscles remain rich in this vital nutrient and that the gains continue to be supported and optimized.
This supplement is recommended for those who train with weights regularly, for individuals trained in endurance, and for those who want to increase strength and lean muscle mass.

Studies published in 2006 were able to show an incredible 600% increase in muscle strength, with a significant increase in bench press on a single maximal repetition (44%), muscle power (223%) and muscle endurance (250% ). These results were obtained after use for 50 days, by men with experience in weight training. In addition, the subjects saw a reduction in the inflammatory marker IL-6.
Source: Journal of the International Sports Nutrition Society. 3 (1) S1-S29, 2006.

1 daily Softgel per meal: regular supplement.
2 Softgels per day per meal: moderate anabolic support.
3 Softgels per day per meal: maximum anabolic support.
For maximum effect, keep the intake for 8 weeks.

Fabio B 01/22/2020


Prodotto naturale che apprezzo. Aumento della forza e massa visibile se ci si allena e alimenta seriamente. Acquistato più volte non qui. Felice lo abbiate inserito a catalogo perchè ottimo

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