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Epi Bol™ is the most advanced new natural myostatin inhibitor on the market.
Myostatin, discovered in 1997 by scholars McPherron and Se-Jin Lee, is a protein that prevents the growth of skeletal muscles.
After more than a decade of studies, myostatin has been found to be mainly produced by musculoskeletal cells. Its action is regulated by an inhibitor, follistatin. The higher the follistatin rate, the greater the muscle development will be. It also increases endurance, recovery and lowers the level of bad cholesterol.
Epi Bol™ is a natural, non-hormonal lean muscle enhancing product designed for both male and female athletes who wish to break down their genetic barriers and take their muscle level to the next.

Epi Bol  contains a whopping 500mg of ProEpicate™ per serving, uniquely extracted to deliver 98% Epicatechin to ensure you get the highest dosage ever.
By adding the patented Quercefit ™ form of Quercetin it was possible to extend the half-life of Epicatechin. Simply put, the effects last much longer!
Quality ingredients are useless if your body cannot absorb them. By adding AstraGin® and Bioperine® the absorption and therefore the effectiveness of the entire formula has been improved.
As Epi Bol ™ features an all-natural formula, the only logical choice was to pack its potent ingredients into a plant-based capsule.

Epi Bol™ truly represents the next step in safe, natural yet incredibly effective supplements. Gone are the days of hoping for any kind of gain from a natural product. Epi Bol ™ will develop muscle, increase strength and performance in record time, unlike any other (natural) product. Above all, Epi Bol™ is natural, safe and even proven very healthy in various studies. The only side effects reported by users were incredible muscle pumps, increased stamina, and increased vascularity. In addition, the gain obtained from Epi Bol ™ will not disappear once you stop using the product. Earnings with Epi Bol ™ are permanent!

Epi Bol™ works by increasing follistatin which naturally decreases myostatin. Myostatin naturally limits the amount of muscle mass we can build. By reducing myostatin we can then cheat our genetics by allowing more muscle to be built while less muscle is catabolized.
Epi Bol™ was designed for anyone who is fed up with being blocked by their genetics.
Epi Bol™ features a monstrous dose of true epicatechin naturally derived from cocoa as a key ingredient through a unique standardization system. Although epicatechin is an innovative compound for improving performance, it is extremely poorly absorbed and therefore does not work for most users. At Dedicated we always want to be the best and therefore we have found a way to increase the effectiveness of Epicatechin by almost 229%! By fusing natural epicatechin with patented absorption stimulators Bioperine® and Astragin® we unlock its true potential by increasing its absorption.

We have not only improved the absorption of epicatechin, as by using Quercefit™, a patented form of quercetin, the half-life of epicatechin is extended by almost 200%! Quercetin has been called the queen of flavonoids for good reason. It has a profound effect on health, immunity and performance. However it is barely absorbable in its natural form and therefore practically unusable. Quercefit™ is a patented form of quercetin enhanced with a truly unique Phytosome™ delivery system that improves absorption by a whopping 20 times!
Never before have you been able to experience true muscle building, fat burning, performance enhancement, pump boost and all-round wonder of Epicatechin until now! In the true spirit of Dedicated, Epi Bol ™ contains a fully visible formula. We don't have to hide behind fancy "proprietary blends" that basically don't tell the truth about real ingredients and dosages. What you see is what you get and we are damn proud of it!
2 capsules are all you need for Epi Bol™ to increase performance, strength, endurance and ignite an anabolic vascular pump like never before. The longer you use it, the more pronounced the growth will be. Use it for sheer strength or to build substantial muscle mass, Epi Bol ™ simply works for whatever purpose you want to use it. Get ready to load the pounds and weights like you never thought possible with a natural product.
Epi Bol™ Dedicated decrypts your genetic code and unleashes your unlimited potential.

On training days, take 2 capsules 30 minutes before training.
On other days, take 1 capsule before breakfast and one capsule before dinner (on an empty stomach).

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