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Laxo Bol™

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Laxo Bol™ is a natural non-hormonal product for increasing strength and lean muscle mass, designed for both male and female athletes.
Laxo Bol™ contains only natural ingredients of plant origin, including a high dosage of 220mg of Laxogenin per serving uniquely sourced to provide a highly effective Laxogenin extract, ensuring you the absolute maximum effectiveness and benefits from this powerful ingredient.
Quality ingredients are useless if your body cannot absorb them. By adding AstraGin® and BioPerine® we have improved the absorption and therefore the effectiveness of the entire formula.
As Laxo Bol™ features an all-natural formula, the only logical choice was to pack its potent ingredients into a plant-based capsule. Featuring an incredibly high dosage of high quality Laxogenin and other proprietary Laxo Bol ™ ingredients will help you reach your full potential.

Laxo Bol™ truly represents the next step in safe, natural yet incredibly effective supplements. Gone are the days of hoping for any kind of profit from a product. Laxo Bol ™ will build muscle, increase strength and performance in record time, unlike any other (natural) product. The only side effects reported by users were an incredible increase in strength, an increase in muscle building and an increase in appetite. In addition, the gains produced by Laxo Bol ™ will not vanish once you stop taking the product. The gainz of Laxo Bol ™ are permanent!
Laxo Bol™ works by increasing protein synthesis by an astounding 200%. Protein synthesis basically means the rate at which proteins are converted into lean muscle mass. It is therefore essential to increase your protein intake for Laxo Bol ™ to harness its true strength. Within a few days you should feel and see your strength increase, time to break down your plateaus.
Laxo Bol™ features as a key ingredient a high dose of true Laxogenin naturally derived from Smilax Sieboldii through a unique standardization system. Although Laxogenin is an innovative performance enhancing compound, it is extremely poorly absorbed and therefore does not work for most users. At Dedicated we always want to be the best and therefore we have found a way to increase the effectiveness of Laxogenin by almost 150%! By fusing natural Laxogenin with patented absorption stimulators Bioperine® and Astragin® we unlock its true potential by increasing its absorption. We didn't stop there as we use the unique micro-encapsulated pure Laxogenin to optimize bioavailability.

Never before have you been able to experience the true muscle building, performance enhancement, strength increase and all-round beauty of Laxogenin until now!
In the true spirit of Dedicated, Laxo Bol ™ contains a fully visible formula. We don't have to hide behind fancy "proprietary blends" that basically don't tell the truth about real ingredients and dosages. What you see is what you get; and we're damn proud of it too!
Research states that 100mg of pure Laxogenin is already a useful dosage, so we went with 220% of that dose to ensure you are getting the gain you deserve!
2 capsules are all it takes for Laxo Bol ™ to increase performance, lean muscle mass, and stimulate brutal strength like never before. The longer you use it, the more pronounced the gain will be. Get ready to load the pounds and weights like you never thought possible with a natural product. Laxo Bol ™ Dedicated is 100% natural, with 110% unnatural results!

On training days, take 1-2 capsules 30 minutes before training.
On other days, take 1 capsule with breakfast and 1 capsule with dinner.

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