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Brain Gains Switch Off Black Edition

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The brand new British company Brain Gains after the incredible success of its nootropic blends, releases its powder variant of the already known Switch Off Black Edition.
Brain Gains product brings together ingredients for brain function and sleep support.
Completing each serving of Switch Off Black Edition is KSM-66 branded Ashwagandha and Lion's Mane, both in solid doses of 800mg and 600mg respectively. There is also ZMA, 200mg of Theanine, 300mg of Bacopa and 250mg of Phosphatidylserine.
The whole combination of ingredients behind Switch Off Black Edition promises support for both parts of its name. It is formulated to help with brain functions such as memory, mood and motivation, as well as promote better sleep and recovery.

Unplug without sedatives
Switch Off Black Edition was created as the perfect addition to Brain Gains first nootropic product. Designed to further enhance the benefits of brain functions, such as memory, creativity, mood and motivation, Switch Off Black Edition is the sleep aid that allows you to refuel and recover while you sleep, in preparation for the following day, ensuring that the your brain and body remain energized for what it needs to perform at optimum levels.

Take 1 scoop before bedtime.

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