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GHK-Cu is a peptide that really shows just how versatile (i.e. pleiotropic) these tiny molecules can be. GHK-Cu is a natural complex first identified in human plasma. Research has shown that GHK levels decrease with age along with its lower concentration in the body. This can cause slower overall cell regeneration and greater risk of cancer formation. Another exceptional wellness product from Meta Human (evolution of Oura Labs), which also in this case has managed to make a peptide orally effective and absorbable, thanks in this case to SNAC technology. GHK-Cu has in fact a low molecular weight and can therefore be absorbed only at a higher pH. Meta Human has added Sodium Salcaprozato, an oral absorption promoter. Sodium Salcaprozate can be used as a release agent to promote the oral absorption of some macromolecules with poor bioavailability.

Clinical evidence also shows that GHK-Cu acts as a feedback signal for damaged tissues, as a powerful tissue protector and anti-inflammatory agent that reduces oxidative tissue damage. In fact, it stimulates the very important DNA repair, the hypertrophy of neural processes, increases the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), is a good analgesic and anxiolytic, promotes wound healing, and also improves the appearance, firmness and elasticity. of the skin by reducing the depth of wrinkles.

Take 1 capsule (3mg) per day.

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