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Epi Strength

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Hammer Labz is a new food supplement manufacturer from the United States. The wide range of products includes supplements with strong and active ingredients for advanced athletes. Effective operation and effective formulas, as well as tests and analyzes of each batch of products by independent laboratories guarantee maximum care for the consumer. High quality products in clinical doses ensure the best sporting results.The innovative recipes created by Hammer Labz have the opportunity to become leaders among pre-workout supplements, muscle building preparations, prohormones and fat burners.

Epi Strength also known as 2a 3a-epitio-17a-metiletletallocholanol or Epistane belongs to anti-estrogenic compounds that increase lean muscle mass. It is an ideal supplement for beginner athletes that guarantees the growth of muscle mass without excessive water retention.
The product further increases sexual performance, it is ideal for use during the weight loss period by reducing excess fat.
Effectively increases strength and endurance training when building solid muscles, reducing body fat and excess water, helping to shape the figure. EPI It has a strong anabolic effect, promotes body regeneration and improves vascularization. The obvious effects are usually already visible after a week of use.
A cycle of 2,3a-epithium-17a-methylethioal colan-17b-ol should not last longer than 8 weeks.
Ideal for use as a stand alone, and also excellent on stacks with other anabolic agents.

Take 1 capsule 3 times a day.
Proper PCT is recommended after using this product to avoid any sides.
Liver support during recommended use with items such as NAC, LiveR or Liv.52.
Recommended products such as Arjuna, Karela, Coletix for general health.

Francesco P 08/03/2020


Ad oggi sono 4 settimane di assunzione, sulla bilancia è rimasto lo stesso peso, causa alimentazione ipocalorica, ma la prova del nove la fa lo specchio, muscoli più definiti e al tatto più duri, ottima libido e zero problemi epatici, anche senza epatoprotettori!!!! E tutto Questo con soli 30 mg al giorno, lontano dai pasti. Suppsit top

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