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Lion King (DMAE-AA)

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Lion King from Ripp'd Nutrition is new to the pre-workout supplement market, not available anywhere else. From a truly revolutionary brand such as Compositions, Lion King is a product aimed at maximizing energy during exercise. The nootropic effect will give maximum focus for a 110% workout.
Lion King is not just a regular pre-workout supplement. This is a powerful nootropic blend designed to improve cognitive function, concentration and mental clarity. With ingredients such as Caffeine, Huperzine and Tyrosine, Lion King primes your mind for peak performance, ensuring you stay focused and motivated during training. No one will ever distract you again.
When it comes to fueling your body during intense workouts, quality matters. Ripp'd Nutrition knows this, which is why Lion King is made from only the highest quality ingredients. From scientifically proven ergogenics like Beta-Alanine and Hordenine to mood-enhancing compounds like Lion's Mane, every serving of Lion King provides premium fuel for your muscles and mind.
Say goodbye to chills and energy crashes. Unlike other pre-workout supplements containing powerful stimulants, Lion King provides a pure boost of energy that pushes you through the toughest workouts, without unwanted side effects. Thanks to a precise combination of Caffeine and other natural energy boosters, Lion King gives long-lasting energy and stamina without crashes.
Achieving your desired muscle pump is now easier than ever with Lion King. With ingredients like Citrulline Malonate and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), this pre-workout formula increases blood flow to muscles, improving nutrient delivery and oxygenation for maximum performance and recovery

Take one serving 30 minutes before training.

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