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Laser Melt (Carda-DMAA-DMHA-Yohi-Alpha Yohi)

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Laser Melt is set to be one of the newest and most powerful pre-workout references on SuppsIT.
The product in terms of composition includes an incredible blend of the best compounds currently available, with the addition of Sarm Cardarina! With a very powerful stimulating, nootropic, volumizing, thermogenic, anabolic effect. Obviously not suitable for the most sensitive!
Laser Melt is a combination of the strongest psychoactive substances, such as DMAA, DMHA, Yohimbine HLC, Alpha Yohimbine HCL, Synephrine HCL, Hordenina HCL, Theobromine HCL and many other highly effective ingredients.

1 serving 30 minutes before exercise.

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