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Monster HydroSport

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European preview on SuppsIT: Monster HydroSport
If you love energetic and non-carbonated sports drinks, Monster Hydrosport is for you. An energy drink in 3 different flavors, refreshing, invigorating and revitalizing. During and after a sports session, gym or kilometers on a bike, this energy drink embellished with the famous Monster blend is ideal. Containing Vitamins B3, B6, Magnesium, caffeine and branched chain amino acids, all with zero sugar and barely 15 calories per 650ml bottle.
In its resealable package, Monster HydroSport is the fruity energizing drink, unprecedented in Europe. Monster has amazed again by aiming for this new, non-carbonated and zero sugar blend. A variant that thanks to its ingredients is capable of improving concentration, electrolyte balance and muscle function.

Valerio M. 02/25/2021


Davvero ottimo sapore. Non economicissimo ma negli allenamenti più estenuanti ci stà tutto. Grandi Suppsit!

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