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LX PRO is an innovative product given by the synergy of two compounds: 50mg of 5a Hydroxy Laxogenin and 12.5mg of MK-2866 (Ostarine). The power of these 2 ingredients together will give an incredible and sensitive increase in strength, definition, muscle density.
The Osstarina or GTx-024 or MK-2866, is one of the Selective Androgen Receptors Modulator or SARM. The anabolic properties of Ostarine are nothing short of remarkable. This molecule also has a slight anti-estrogenic activity, showing a suppressive ability of estrogen already at only 3mg per day. This causes considerable ease to muscle damage and subsequent growth due to adaptation that derives from it, given the protective action of estrogen on muscle tissue.
Overall LX PRO shows itself as an exceptionally powerful and versatile product, usable both in bulk and in cuting. But the most promising feature of LX PRO is the possibility of a generalized use to improve the quality of life.
Exceptional is the ability of Ostarine to increase the efficiency of the immune system and improve body composition.
At present, Osstarin is the only SARM to have shown a complete dissociation between androgenic and anabolic effects, showing a marked and exclusive affinity for the androgen receptors of muscle and bone tissues and, to a lesser extent, lipolytic (slimming) effect.
In the clinical experimental phase it showed no affinity on the receptors of the prostate, clitoris, hair bulbs, vocal cords and internal glands.
Male hormonal values ​​remain substantially unchanged as hemolipidic values. It does not aromatize and the product is fully bioavailable orally, without any liver toxicity. The complete dissociation between androgenic and anabolic effects has also been observed by the athletic community up to the dose of 25mg.
Take 2 separate capsules per day, away from main meals.
For women 1 capsule per day.
At the end of the cycle, PCT is always recommended.

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