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Sputnik (ACP-105)

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Sputnik (ACP-105) from Red Army is the brand new non-steroidal SARM with a strong anabolic effect on muscles and bones.
This new generation of selective androgen receptor modulators interacts with the receptors in bone muscle tissues, thereby increasing growth and improving its composition.
Sputnik (ACP-105) accelerates muscle mass building 66% more effectively than Testosterone. It shows rapid results of muscle growth around 3kg in 3-4 weeks. Accelerates post-workout regeneration and recovery, improves endurance and increases energy. It is an alternative to stronger AAS, recommended for the most demanding athletes to increase endurance, mass and strength.
ACP-105 users experience an increase in fat loss with a radical increase in the level of muscle mass, density, bone tissue and improved circulation.
ACP-105 was developed by the Swedish Acadia Pharmaceutical as a substitute for compounds such as AAS and PH. Sarm relatively new, its anabolic-androgenic ratio is 3: 1, and can be used by both men and women.
The half-life of the product is only 4-6 hours, therefore it is recommended to divide the intake into two seprate: morning and evening.
ACP-105 can be combined with other compounds such as Cardarine, SR9009, Ostarina and LGD to lose fat and increase muscle mass.

Men: 10 mg per day after meals divided into 2 assumptions
Women: 5 mg per day after a meal.
At the end of the cycle, PCT is always recommended.

Gaetano 06/29/2020

Grasso addominale addio

Ho provato questo nuovo sarms devo dire che con 3 cps al giorno in un se il grasso addominale è scomparso...ottimo anche per l endurance... Grande resistenza e recupero... Top

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