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Power Mass Stack

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Hammer Labz, the new brand made in the USA from GMP certified products and tested by third party laboratories, has created one of the most complete, effective and powerful Sarms stacks in circulation. The 3 most anabolic molecules, Ostarina, LGD and RAD140, at full dosage for each single capsule.
Power Mass Stack is a high quality product in clinical doses that ensures the best results. Hammer Labz is quickly becoming a leader in hardcore muscle building, PH and fat burner supplements.
Hammer Labz Power Mass Stack is a combination of the three powerful Sarms recommended for a mass cycle, without accumulating body fat. The preparation is one of the most anabolic and powerful preparations available on the market today.

MK-2866 (Ostarine) - a selective modulator of androgen receptors with an effect comparable to Testosterone. Being one of the most famous Sarms, it intensifies the processes of synthesis of muscle tissues ensuring high increases in lean mass and fat loss. It also works very well in the regeneration of joints and tendons and also improves bone mineralization. Ostarine is not susceptible to the action of enzymes that catalyze reductase and aromatase, thus minimizing the undesirable effects that are usually attributed to excessive quantities of Testosterone necessary to obtain a similar anabolism. The product does not cause androgenetic alopecia, skin imperfections or prostate hypertrophy. It does not block the HPTA axis. The increase in collagen production perfectly improves the appearance of the skin, reducing scarring, increasing elasticity and preventing stretch marks.

LGD-4033 - a selective modulator of androgen receptors. It works by binding to the androgen receptor, which in turn results in an increase in anabolic processes in skeletal muscle, leading to weight gain. It is probably the strongest legal anabolic on the market, discovered in the medical field, where it has been used to treat muscle loss in the fight against various diseases. Clinical studies confirm its effectiveness already at a relatively low dose, which allows to minimize any side effects of the product.

Rad-140 - the use of Testolone leads to an increase in anabolic processes in the body, in addition, it allows to obtain a high density and an increase in muscle mass. Recommended for athletes to increase endurance, strength and general physical fitness of the body. The compound does not cause side effects that are attributed to Testosterone, such as a negative effect on the prostate or other internal organs. It also does not accumulate in the body in the form of DHT, which among other things reduces the risk of hair loss.

Take 1 capsule a day between meals. Do not exceed 2 capsules in 24h.

Simone R. 08/11/2020


Sono stato molto soddisfatto. Forza, tiraggio, resistenza, e recupero importanti tutto in un solo prodotto. +7kg in 2 mesi.

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