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Accadrine (AC-262,536)

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Core Labs' brand new Accadrine is composed of the AC-262,536 molecule, a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) manufactured and marketed by ACADIA Pharmaceuticals. In 2007 with researchers who have undertaken clinical trials on this compound. Available literature shows that AC-262,536 can manage diseases such as Alzheimer's and prostate cancer, while promoting muscle growth.
AC-262,536 works in the same way as other SARMs by binding to androgen receptors causing an increase in strength and muscle mass without affecting for example prostate health such as steroids, which usually interfere with the development of sexual organs and tissues, and this it can be even more severe when combined with Testosterone-derived compounds. Unlike steroid compounds which promise huge gains, but with very serious risks of prostate cancer and testicular shrinkage, AC-262,536 demonstrates such gains without risk.
Female bodybuilders don't have to worry about masculinization. These side effects by binding are not present. AC-262,536 activates specific bone cells without adversely affecting liver enzymes or damaging sexual tissues.
Clinical studies have shown that its properties could outperform the well-known RAD-140 when measured in terms of improved performance. Additionally, the rate shows how significant the effects can be when taking higher dosages of the compound.

The available evidence on AC-262,536 suggests that it has significant benefits in terms of muscle mass gain by having mechanisms that can be compared to Testosterone, but safer given its minimal side effects. It can be used to treat Alzheimer's disease by minimizing its effects and increasing memory control. AC-262.536 has been found to minimize the risk of prostate cancer, thanks to its effect on dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is particularly important because DHT is directly linked to prostate cancer cases. Therefore, it is good news that the drug inhibits the production and action of DHT.
As with all other SARMs, it is essential to consider post cycle therapy (PCT) when taking AC-262,536. This means that you will be able to maintain the muscle mass gained during the cycle for as long as possible.
AC-262,536 is undoubtedly a new and powerful SARM that will do a lot for performance enhancement. The fact that the compound is similarly active as Testosterone, but without the dreaded androgenic side effects, makes it a desirable new compound in the SARMs landscape.

Men: 1 to 2 capsules a day after meals divided into 2 intakes.
Women: 1 capsule per day
At the end of the cycle, PCT is always recommended.
Possibly Arjuna, Coletix, and LIV.52 in useful support during the cycle.

Luca R 03/18/2021


Notevole aumento di guadagni in qualità muscolare,maggiore densità e volume!Aumento del focus e della forza!!Consigliato anche per le donzelle che vogliono una marcia in più!

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