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LGD 3033

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LGD 3033 from Brawn Nutrition is a new and rare variant of the famous SARM Ligandrol. Primarily developed to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat for professional bodybuilders.
LGD 3303 has become the number one choice for recomp. It plays a crucial role in gaining lean mass and improving an individual's overall strength. This androgen receptor modulator offers impeccable oral bioavailability. It binds to the androgen receptor, with greater selectivity and affinity leading to a very rapid increase in muscle size and strength.
LGD 3303 helps to increase muscle mass and strengthen bones, thanks to its ability to increase muscle tissue by significantly increasing strength.
Its androgenic effect on the body is relatively low, so it's pretty safe. The effect of LDG 3033 on muscle cells is similar to that of AAS. The only difference is in the selectivity. AAS not only affect muscle cells but also other androgenic organs such as the prostate. LDG 3033 being selective means that it mainly affects muscle cells. The compound also gives the muscles a fuller look by binding water into the cells.
LDG 3033 increases the metabolic activity of the body. It affects fat cells by burning them faster, thanks to which it accelerates weight loss during a cutting cycle. Thus it helps in reducing the level of body fat by increasing lean muscle mass. It increases bone density, thereby significantly reducing the risk of fractures.
LGD 3033 increases nitrogen and water retention in muscle cells, resulting in muscle tissue growth and a particularly fuller muscle appearance. Unlike other SARMs, where the effect is usually visible after 3/4 weeks, the LGD 3033 effect can be noticed already after the first week.
People who use LGD 3303 notice a significant increase in muscle mass and even muscle retention during long periods of a particularly restrictive diet. In addition, higher bone density allows you to build more muscle mass without overloading the body.
LGD 3303 has a half-life of about six hours, this indicates it is necessary to take more frequent dosages with an eye to maintaining the concentration of this product in the blood during the day.
It presents no risk of virilization, which indicates that it is safe for women as well. It has no effect on the size of the prostate gland.

Difference between LGD 3303 and LGD 4033
In the case of using LGD 3033, changes in the muscles, their volume, general shape and strength are much more durable after the end of the cycle and the effects of use are noticeable much faster. During the cutting phase, muscle mass is largely preserved.

LGD-3033 Supplements Facts:
Pack of 60 capsules
1 capsule: 1 serving
Content in 1 serving (1 capsule):
LGD-3033 5mg

2 to 3 tablets a day, away from meals, in divided intake throughout the day.
At the end of the PCT cycle recommended.
Also useful side products such as NAC, LiveR or Liv.52. In addition to Arjuna, Karela, Coletix.

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