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Rad-140 Testolone

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Rad-140 Testolone by Umbrella Labs, the new brand arrived on SuppsIT reference for quality and control of raw materials, currently contains the most amazing substance in the world of supplements, with the greatest potential among Sarms. The first tests have shown that the anabolic properties of the product are able to overcome even the effects of synthetic Testosterone, considered the most anabolic agent. Most importantly, however, RAD140 does not cause any side effects attributed to Testosterone, such as a negative effect on the prostate or other internal organs. It is also not stored in the body in the form of DHT, which reduces the risk of hair loss among other things. It is an extremely powerful anabolic agent that allows you to gain large amounts of muscle mass in a short time. By supporting unnecessary fat loss, it allows you to develop lean muscle, increasing the body's stamina and efficiency.
Rad-140 Testolone is considered to be one of the most effective Sarms developed to date. It is characterized by high stability and excellent digestibility. It can be an alternative to Testosterone replacement therapy because it mimics the effects of a high dose of Testo without causing many of the related side effects.
It shows a high affinity for androgen receptors and the ability to initiate anabolic processes to a greater extent than Testosterone itself. It has an excellent effect on muscle anabolism and ensures the regeneration of the skeleton and nervous system, creating the ideal conditions for the intensive growth of muscle tissue.
It therefore has the highest quality muscle growth rate and is the fastest of all Sarms.
Testolone promotes fat loss by increasing lean muscle mass. Also recommended during the cutting and recomp period, supporting fat loss, minimizing muscle catabolism. It leads to a significant decrease in the level of adipose tissue, including triglycerides and HDL and LDL cholesterol.
Rad-140 Testolone is an ideal addition to heavy training sessions, allowing you to build solid muscle mass and quickly regenerate the body. The use of Sarm leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass and favors the mineralization of the skeleton, increasing its density.
It also has a neuroprotective effect which, by interfering with the signaling of the MAPK / ERK pathway, influences the process of neurogenesis, differentiation of synaptic plasticity and memory formation. Its anti-apoptotic properties are also important, as they effectively inhibit cell breakdown.
Rad-140 Testolone is not converted to DHT and does not aromatize to estrogen, making it a safe compound for people prone to increased activity of these hormones not leading to excessive prostate enlargement or gynecomastia.

Serving size: 1 dropper
Servings: 30 servings
Content per serving: Rad-140 20mg per 1ml

Take 0.5ml (10mg) 2 times a day between meals.
At the end of the cycle, PCT is always recommended.
Also useful products such as LiveR, LiveR PRO or Liv.52, Liv52DS, as well as Arjuna or Abana, Karela, Coletix.

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