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Freedom Formulations is the brand that SuppsIT is proud of and has managed to import directly from the USA. This is because Freedom Formulations is a brand that stands out for the certifications of the raw materials made public and the exceptional stacks and high dosage products available, ideal for longer or more intense cycles, both in capsules and in liquid form.
SR9009 (Stenabolic) is the Sarms, mimetic, which stimulates REV-ERB receptors, improving metabolic processes and intensifying energy expenditure, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the diet or "cutting" period.
SR9009 intensifies energy expenditure, increases the efficiency of the cutting period. Its ability to intensify the transformation of energy substrates into energy allows to increase the efficiency and resistance of the body, and therefore the development of training possibilities, especially in endurance sports.
SR9009 turns on the metabolism, affecting a lean body with clearly defined muscles.
For the properties that improve muscle recovery of the body, with the appropriate use of Stenabolic, even people who practice strength sports can benefit from its intake. Furthermore, by increasing the number of mitochondria, it improves the transformation of energy compounds and reduces insulin resistance, improves aerobic capacity, increases endurance and improves recovery after training. SR9009 normalizes the level of many indicators of health conditions, including: glucose, insulin, leptin, total cholesterol and triglycerides. By improving the metabolic profile, it significantly supports the maintenance of good health, especially the cardiovascular system, as well as the organs and other parts of the body involved in insulin-carbohydrate metabolism.

Stenabolic also offers many benefits precisely. Recent studies conducted on this supplement have also revealed the ability to reduce:
- Plasma triglycerides by 12%
- Total cholesterol by 47%
- Non-esterified fatty acids in the
- 23% plasma
- 19% plasma glucose
- 35% plasma insulin levels

Additionally, SR9009 was also noted to have the ability to reduce proinflammatory cytokines IL-6 by up to 72%, thereby helping to reduce inflammation.
It can be said that SR9009 can make a difference in improving a person's stamina, strength, hypertrophy, metabolism, fat loss and sugar levels.
Considering that Stenabolic is effective both alone and in stacks, it demonstrates its versatility in being able to be added to any AAS or SARMS cycle improving overall performance.
Basically, the SR9009 is one of the strongest resistance amplifiers on the market. It is often compared to GW-501516 (Cardarina) because the benefits are comparable, reducing the amount of fat and cholesterol stored in the body and burning fat and glucose stored in the muscles.

Due to the very short half-life, it is necessary to plan the intakes during the day in order to achieve an optimal balance of the active ingredient in the body.
SR9009 does not affect natural hormone levels and does not require any PCT.
Men, from 10mg to a maximum of 30mg per day divided into several intakes.
Women, from 10-20mg per day, divided into several intakes.
Do not exceed 12 weeks of continuous use.

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