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ZMA+Rx is composed of Tongkat Ali extract, Tribulus (famous natural testosterone boosters), Muira Puama (aphrodisiac), Phosphatildylserine (anti-catabolic and anti-stress), 5-HTP (precursor of serotonin), Alpha-GPC (cognition, well-being and boost hormonal) and the classic mix Zinc, Magnesium and B6.
These ingredients are all in effective doses and work synergistically for uncompromising results, well above traditional ZMA on the market.
By optimizing natural hormone levels, they increase libido, recovery, relaxation and well-being.
Both men and women can experience benefits such as an increase in lean muscle tissue, a decrease in fat and a reduction in recovery times as well as an increase in recovery itself and improved sleep.
What makes ZMA+Rx different from all the other testobooster on the market is the perfect mix of the best ingredients that research has proven to be truly effective.


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