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P-5-P (B6)

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Haya P-5-P is a powerful Vitamin B6 coenzyme with unique effects. The supplement shows a strong effect on the production of serotonin, promotes the release of energy and participates in the synthesis of proteins and neurotransmitters. Using P-5-P first of all one perceives a significant improvement in mood, and vitality.

P-5-P helps balance sodium and potassium levels (nervous system) and benefits the heart and musculoskeletal system. Alone and together with other enzymes, the helps the body build and break down amino acids, as well as convert one amino acid into another. In addition, it facilitates the release of energy stored in the liver and muscles and promotes the production of antibodies and red blood cells.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) acts primarily as an enzyme catalyst in many body processes, including energy metabolism and neurotransmitter function. Before it can be used for this purpose, it must be converted to its coenzyme form (P-5-P) by the liver. P-5-P eliminates this step by providing B6 in its converted form, allowing for greater bioavailability and efficacy,

Take 1 to 3 capsules per day with a meal.

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