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LiveR PRO is the perfect product to face PH or AAS cycles, useful as an hepaprotector or to restore liver health at the end of the cycle thanks to a perfect mix of the best and most effective ingredients such as NAC, Na-r-ALA and Tudca.
LiveR is number one among the supplements that support liver health. Thanks to advanced ingredients, it acts in three ways:
1. Supports proper liver function
2. It helps in its regeneration
3. Neutralizes the toxic compounds contained in the body

This unique formula contains the most powerful antioxidants and essential phospholipids, which remove excess free radicals from the body, damaging the membrane and liver cells. LiveR supports maintaining an adequate level of enzymes and also supports the liver's natural ability to metabolize fat.

LiveR effectively supports the reconstruction of liver cells, improves their function and prevents excessive damage and consequences caused by inappropriate liver function. This supplement also influences normal metabolic processes, contributing to the removal of toxic substances from the body. Thanks to an innovative formula based on natural ingredients, LiveR is an ideal regenerating product for the liver, which reduces the damage caused by poor nutrition, consumption of drugs, alcohol, exposure of the body to toxins and use of oral anabolic agents.

What are the advantages of LiveR?
- Supports the proper functioning of the liver
- Supports digestion and absorption of nutrients
- Supports liver regeneration
- Has detoxifying and exfoliating properties of the liver
- Cleanses the body of toxic substances and free radicals
- Improves the appearance of the skin and has a positive effect on general health
- Helps in the reconstruction of the membrane and liver cells
- Supports the maintenance of the correct level of enzymes and metabolic processes
- Reduces liver damage caused by poor nutrition, consumption of drugs, alcohol and steroids

LiveR is a natural and safe preparation that will help regenerate the liver, free it from impurities and help its proper functioning. Thanks to him, your liver will return to impeccable conditions and you will feel healthy and full of life!

Take 1 to 2 capsules per day.

Gaetano C 01/07/2020

top prodotto

per ripristinare le normali attivita' epatiche dopo aver strafatto... consigliato!!!

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Federico M. 03/29/2019


Vengo dal classico Liv52 con cui mi sono sempre trovato molto bene. Ho provato questo, esami epatici alla mano, non benissimo per problemi personali. Una confezione dopo sono rimasto sorpreso nel rifare gli esami di controllo. Valori migliorati e nella norma. Per quel che costa davvero buono. Grandi

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