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Calcium Magnesium

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Calcium & Magnesium are ideal for maintaining healthy bones and normal nervous and muscle function. Calcium and magnesium tablets are one of Applied Nutrition's high quality mineral complexes.
Calcium & Magnesium 90 capsules is a supplement based on essential micronutrients very useful to help physical performance but also a better state of health. The product acts on muscle contraction, ATP production and bone density, three factors that are related to both sport and well-being.
Among its benefits as mentioned, maintaining a bone density, essential to provide the skeleton with the right resistive capacity to deal with load stresses such as in bodybuilding or various sports disciplines.
The polarization of the filaments present in the fine musculature of the filaments during physical performance but also in normal walking.
Support for the production of ATP energy, the main form of cellular fuel that is used in short and intense power activities.
In terms of health, both calcium and magnesium can be a valid support. Among the main health support properties we include a relaxing action for magnesium mainly induced by the ability of the mineral to control the release of Adrenaline, associated muscle cramps, blood clotting activities, the optimization of heart rate and the reduction of 'assonnia.
For calcium, this is still the density of the bones which is obviously also important for those who do not play sports, it is not necessary because the skeleton protects important organs and also a reservoir of mineral salts is involved, such as calcium but also phosphorus.

Take 3 capsules a day with meals.

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