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Gasex from Himalaya is the 100% natural product indicated for all those with abdominal bloating problems, promoting the elimination of digestive gases.
It contains two minerals well known in Ayurvedic medicine for their digestive properties. One is purified magnesium silicate shell ash, and the other is the shell of Cyprea coin, a marine species whose ashes contain various salts, phosphate, carbonate and calcium fluoride, sodium, magnesium and manganese.
The various individual ingredients act in synergy to support gastrointestinal function through a combination of mechanisms, such as antifoam action, a reduction in surface tension and as a carminative.
It is an effective antiflatulent that helps relieve swelling, stomach pain and heartburn caused by occasional acidity.
Gasex ensures that the digestive process efficiently converts ingested food into absorbable nutrients with a perfect balance of all the factors involved.

1 to 2 tablets before meals.

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