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Cal-Mag-Zinc Vitamin D

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Calcium Magnesium & Zinc with Vitamin D by Haya Labs is a product with excellent raw materials that provides the nutrients necessary for healthy bones and good bone density: Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D. The fight against bone loss is a complex process which requires more than just having enough calcium in the body.
Calcium and Magnesium are very important minerals for good health. They are vital for bones, teeth, as well as muscle and nervous system health. The recommended ratio is 2 to 1.
Zinc, an essential element for general health, is a building component of all body tissues and secretions. It is found in high quantities in the ocular retina, liver, kidneys, reproductive fluids, and the male prostate gland. It actually plays a role in all biochemical mechanisms and physiological processes. Research shows that Zinc is vital for bone health as it is needed to support good density. One of the first symptoms of zinc deficiency is the loss of the sense of taste and smell. The human body does not produce this element and that is why it must be taken from external sources.
Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the intestines. This particular absorption is very important for bone health and stimulates their mineralization. Without this vitamin, bones can become thin, brittle and soft or lose shape.
Additionally, this product contains Betaine HCl and Glutamic Acid HCl. Their role is to support the absorption of Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to the maximum. This is vitally important because hydrochloric acid levels usually decline with age.

Take 2 tablets a day.

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