SuppsIT affiliation

The opportunity dedicated to Personal Trainers, Professionals, but also sports clubs, gyms, fitness and sports enthusiasts who have a significant presence in the environment, on social media, or who have a blog or an inherent website.

By becoming an affiliate you will have access to numerous advantages:

- 10% personalized discount Coupon applicable to all products available on the site.
- By advertising the Coupon among followers, customers or friends, you will have the opportunity to earn credits on our site.
- Gives like products, merchandising, samples and much more will be sent to the most effective.

How to become an affiliate?

Is simple. Just formally request affiliation on the Contacts form, describing in detail your profile and attaching any links to social pages, blogs, personal sites or commercial activities.
If your credentials will be evaluated positively, simply create an account on our site and immediately receive the exclusive coupon that will allow you to have a return attest between 5 and 10% of the sales volume generated by its use!
From here on it's all in your skills and knowledge. You can advertise SuppsIT in different ways and with different content. Through the review of products, suggestions, photos and videos with our articles, using your audience of followers or advising your customers and athletes whether you are a trainer or a gym owner.

SuppsIT, the advantage of an affiliation with products that really make a difference.