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PartySmart is Himalaya's unique herbal formulation that helps prevent hangovers. It is clinically tested, safe and effective.When alcohol...

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Cystone from Himalaya is a supplement composed of natural extracts that support the well-being of the kidneys, preventing the formation...

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Ashwagandha from Himalaya is a blend based on pure Ashwagandha root extract (Withania somnifera / Indian Ginseng). It helps the body to...

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Anti-hypertensive / anti-stress: Abana is the latest Ayurveda health supplement from Himalaya, it reduces the sensitivity of the heart to...

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Gasex from Himalaya is the 100% natural product indicated for all those with abdominal bloating problems, promoting the elimination of...

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Rumalaya Gel 50g

Rumalaya Gel - Improves joint health and improves mobilityPlant-based phytosanitary formula, of great power and safety and highly sought...

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Karela - Natural Glycemic ControlKarela, known as melon or bitter gourd, guarantees a series of medicinal benefits and is a key herb in...

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Rumalaya Forte

Rumalaya Forte of Himalaya is a supplement made with a mixture of plant extracts that aim to assist the functionality and the state of...

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Himalaya's AyurSlim is a clinically proven, safe and natural Ayurvedic slimming solution that has been developed after extensive...

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Arjuna extracts (Terminalia Arjuna) have always been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. Arjuna, is a tree native to India that can reach...

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Liv.52 DS

Liv.52 DS tablets, manufactured by The Himalaya Drug Company are a distinct herbal preparation containing various beneficial components...

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Liv.52 Himalaya is a natural formula based on herbal extracts whose purpose is to offer support as a liver protector. Liv.52 maintains...

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