Alpha Yohimbine

Alpha Yohimbine by Hammer Labz is a special high quality Yohimbine with an incredible slimming effect, stimulating and very strong...

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Turk XXL

Turk XXL by Hammer Labz is a high quality extract of Ajuga turkestanica standardized to well 20% Turkesterone, which is one of the...

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Shred GW (Cardarine)

Shred GW (Cardrarine) is an agonist of PPARδ receptors (receptors activated by delta peroxisome proliferators). They activate the genes...

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EAA Recovery

Hammer Labz EAA Recovery 405g is a supplement containing a complex of essential amino acids called EAA, which aims to significantly...

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Atomic Strength (DMAA-DMHA-AGMA)

Atomic Strength is the new powerful pre-workout, energizing, stimulating, slimming and with nootropic effect. The combination in its 300g...

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Monster Strength (DMAA-AGMA)

Hammer Labz is the new manufacturer of dietary supplements from the United States with a wide range of products with extreme active...

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Oxy-Dren (Efedra-DMAA-Yohimbe) 60cps

Hammer Labz's Oxy-Dren is the new uncompromising thermogenic fat burner recommended for experienced athletes. It directly activates the...

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Liver Shield

Liver Shield by Hammer Labz is the new supplement based on effective ingredients that improves the functioning of the liver. The liver...

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