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Berberine 90cps from 300mg is a supplement that provides one of the most valuable natural health pro-substances on the market. Helps to bring the body to the ideal homeostasis in case of metabolic disorders, regulates blood sugar levels and improves the conditions of the digestive tract.

Pure Labs Berberine has a number of properties that make it one of the most desirable supplements. It has special properties in people with diabetes or poor insulin sensitivity. It is a stimulator of the metabolism of fatty acids, helping to lower body weight and reduce the harmful fraction of cholesterol, LDL, known as the "bad" one. Therefore, it has very interesting properties that contribute to maintaining an optimal state of the circulatory system.

Regular use of insulin mimics such as Berberine contribute to the improvement of body composition. They improve the use of almost all nutrients and reduce the risk of new fat accumulation.

Both fats and carbohydrates pose a threat to us if our cells are not sensitive to their effects, which is especially known in so-called endomorphic people.

Furthermore, according to some studies, the increase in Berberine contributes to improving mood and well-being.

Research on Berberine is still ongoing, but to date we can confirm the extremely beneficial effects on the metabolism of sugars, triglycerides and very valuable cardiological properties.

Marco C 06/23/2019

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Prodotto per intenditori. Qualità prezzo eccellente.

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