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L-Glutamine by Hammer Labz is an amino acid supplement that contains L-glutamine in its purest form with its well-known effect on the well-being of the digestive system and a strong anti-catabolic effect. Muscles cannot function properly without glutamine, making it the crucial amino acid. Due to the high loss of glutamine that occurs during exercise, it is important to ensure adequate levels of this amino acid in the diet and in the form of peri-workout supplementation. L-Glutamine is a quality dietary supplement that will provide a highly active form of glutamine.

Glutamine also partially inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol, contributes to the formation of new muscle proteins, and inhibits the breakdown of existing muscles. Furthermore, it helps strengthen the immune system and promotes faster recovery processes after exercise. As such, it is often used for various health ailments. Glutamine is often recommended for intestinal flora problems, immune strengthening or recovery after surgery.
Glutamine has a strong effect on the digestive system. Its action nourishes the intestinal cells (enterocytes), effectively increasing their efficiency. By taking glutamine we can find a clear improvement in digestion, but not only that. Better gut function also means greater immunity. If your gut needs support, you have recurring infections: taking glutamine can be a useful supplement to help you avoid illness.
This amino acid is very important in the production of neurotransmitters. These are responsible for, among other things, memory and concentration. Furthermore, glutamine is involved in the neutralization of ammonia. People who exercise vigorously and follow high-protein diets secrete much higher amounts of ammonia. In this case it is worth taking an interest in glutamine supplementation to neutralize ammonia and protect the kidneys.

1 serving of 5g before and after training.

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