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Kick Your Ass (DMAA+Caff)

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Submission Science's Kick Your Ass is a combination of powerful stimulant extracts such as the famous 1.3 DMAA with Caffeine citrate.
Acting synergistically, the product shows a greater activity, definitely stronger than DMAA alone!
The new formulation of the product was composed using only the most effective substances, taking into account the correct dose.
Kick Your Ass contributes effectively to powerful excitement, concentration and guarantees high motivation by markedly inducing the thermogenesis effect.
Submission Science researchers in collaboration with athletes have created an extremely effective preparation that allows you to obtain maximum effects with 2 simple but effective pure ingredients. The product is ideal for use before physical and mental exertion, also in addition to your favorite pre-workout. It also works as a fat burner causing the loss of unnecessary fatty tissue and suppressing appetite.
Whenever you need to increase your concentration and cognitive skills, if you need a high dose of stimulants, Kick Your Ass is unsurpassed!
Geranium acts on the nervous system from the reuptake of norepinephrine, increasing its concentration. When using the product, you will quickly feel its effect in the form of increased mood, intense energy and a high level of concentration.

1 capsule 30 minutes before physical or mental activity. To reduce appetite 1 capsule even in the morning on an empty stomach

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