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Tinder Hero Intense

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Tinder Hero Intense is the modern all natural stack to enhance erection and libido. The product is based on proprietary ingredients such as Nitro Rocket™ and CellFlo6™. These ingredients are specific to support erection and stimulate libido while improving performance. One hour after its intake it will give the benefits for about 5 hours.

Composition per capsule
Nitro Rocket™ (200mg) - patented compound derived from rocket, rich in natural nitrogenous substances. Its action allows more blood to reach the penis, resulting in a strong and long-lasting erection. Nitric oxide is essential for a full erection, responsible for the quality of the sexual experience. Nitro Rocket allows you to get a maximum and long-lasting erection.

CellFlo6™ (150mg) - proprietary combination of catechins, belonging to polyphenols, chemical compounds found in foods such as green tea. They have a vasodilatory effect on blood vessels, allowing blood and oxygen to circulate freely throughout the body. The active ingredient is galloylated procyanidin, a powerful catechin with no booster effects. This compound accelerates the achievement of a full erection and promotes long-term sexual intercourse.

Deng Sen extract (100mg) - Chinese plant with a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Its action increases the sensations of libido and significantly improves sexual performance. Due to its powerful effects, Deng Sen extract is used in many aphrodisiac blends and is widely used in supplementation to enhance vitality. The ingredient has been shown to significantly prolong intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation, allowing for better intercourse control.

Yohimbine HCL (3mg) - known aphrodisiac with a powerful libido-stimulating effect. Yohimbine also affects mood and makes you feel more confident, which helps relieve tension. Yohimbine also affects erectile strength, helping improve sexual performance, which contributes to longer intercourse.

Proprietary Intense Formula (90mg) - Tinder Hero's proprietary formula with a pronounced erection-enhancing effect. The blend is designed to increase erections- The precisely formulated composition is designed to fully meet the expectations of an erection. Proprietary substances are designed to maximize the effect of the product, so you will feel a Viagra-like effect.

1 capsule one hour before sex.

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