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Lion's Mane+

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Lion's Mane+ improves cognitive health and your overall well-being. The formula contains 30% polysaccharides and is enriched with HydroPerine™. Experience the natural power of lion's mane and the benefits of improved cognitive function, improved mood, neuroprotection, digestive health and antioxidant support.
Lion's mane has been revered for centuries for its extraordinary ability to support cognitive function. The 30% polysaccharides in the extract nourish the brain and promote mental clarity, concentration and memory retention.
Lion's Mane improves mood and general well-being. The natural compounds stimulate the production of nerve growth factors, such as NGF and BDNF, which are vital for maintaining a positive mood and reducing anxiety.
Lion's Mane contains bioactive compounds that support the health and integrity of the nervous system. By promoting the growth and maintenance of nerve cells, it helps protect against age-related cognitive decline and neurological disorders.
Lion's Mane promotes a healthy gut microbiome by increasing the production of beneficial bacteria, aiding digestion and supporting optimal nutrient absorption.
Lion's mane extract is rich in antioxidants, which help fight oxidative stress and free radicals that can damage cells. By reducing oxidative damage, this extract contributes to overall health and therefore has anti-aging properties.
Lion's Mane+ is enriched with HydroPerine™, a unique formula that improves bioavailability and absorption. HydroPerine™ combines hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin and piperine, two scientifically proven ingredients to improve nutrient absorption and increase the effectiveness of Lion's Mane. Experience enhanced benefits and maximize potential.
This Lion's Mane extract comes from premium quality Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) mushrooms grown in pristine, controlled environments. We carefully select mature fruiting bodies for optimal potency and purity. The extract is carefully processed using advanced techniques to preserve the maximum amount of beneficial compounds.

We recommend starting with 1 capsule and gradually increasing to a maximum of 5 capsules per day. Use for a maximum of 2/3 months then suspend for a few weeks before starting again.

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