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Native Whey 800g

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Take-a-Whey's Native Whey are finally available on Suppsit!
Exclusively Take-a-Whey proteins in their brand new native Whey version, made up of the latest innovations in the field of protein supplementation such as Native or "undenatured" proteins, proteins extracted from whey. Isolated through cold microfiltration from pure organic farm milk. They are distinguished by the minimum processing and raw materials that are not "manipulated" and processed, thus returning a product of maximum purity and amino acid content.
The exceptional maximum protein percentage is 90% for the neutral taste, slightly less for the other 8 flavors available, none with added sugar.
Ultra pure proteins ideal for daily use, available in the versatile format of 800g to be able to use it so often one of the many flavors available without ever getting tired, or 2250g of quality / price absolutely unattainable by another brand.
Easy, versatile, healthy, effective, tasty.

What makes Native Whey so special?
A cold filtration process is subjected to the pure milk of grass-fed cows, removing in the process alone the superfluous part, such as carbohydrates and bad fats, thus passing in the end alone the pure and refined part. The cold filtration process preserves 95% of the bioavailable proteins. During the subsequent drying process, the humidity is extracted from only the pure whey powder of the native milk.
We have never had or wanted products that are too common, classic, useless, or easily found elsewhere. Only a very careful selection of refined products, difficult to find and of a high standard. One of these excluded were proteins.
What many do not know is that raw materials are produced in a few factories worldwide. So basically they are the same for everyone.
Many emblazoned brands sell poor quality powders, perhaps packaged in countries of the lowest standards, with the addition of fillers such as collagen or creatine. This value would raise the protein percentage but not the biological value, the functionality, or the quality that occurs, often then a price that does not suggest it. On the other hand, other brands charge exorbitant amounts for each kg, riding on the common belief, this determines the points of unrivaled quality. But, the certifications apart obtainable from the companies without great difficulties, the quality raw materials are often the same.
The perfect proteins from a qualitative and economic point of view included. A product at the base of the supplement for all athletes such as proteins are now also available in our shop with native whey. This is intended to be another demonstration of the use of our skills and preparations in addition to passion, in the research and sale of "real" products for our customers.

Elena C 01/28/2022

Incredibilmente buone!

Finalmente delle proteine di ottima qualità, ad un prezzo super competitivo e che non mi stomacano per il gusto! Ho provato il gusto kiwi e lampone ed è delicato, ma non troppo dolce...curiosissima di provare anche quello al cioccolato, ma sono sicura che sarà altrettanto buono!

Carmelo C 06/12/2021


Davvero ottime le uniche di questa qualità a questo prezzo praticamente

Marco T. 11/21/2020


Già al mio terzo barattolo. Gusto vaniglia le più buone mai provate. Complimenti

Marco M 08/28/2020

prodotto top

ottima solubilità e parametri nutrizionali di altissimo livello

Max T 03/29/2020


Proteine buonissime. La cazzuola dentro è da vero figo

Giuseppe M 03/25/2020


Creso sia il mio nuovo riferimento per qualità prezzo. Molto buone. Nulla a che fare con le Myprotein che prendevo prima, sia per qualità che sopratutto per il gusto. Top

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