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Elite ATP by Oura Labs is the innovative supplement resulting from scientific research that increases strength and recovery especially in times when the workload is at a very high level. Elite ATP is an absolutely unique supplement that provides ATP in a highly digestible form. It is the most stable form that has shown multidirectional action in clinical trials, extremely popular with top-level athletes.
Adenosine 5'-triphosphate is produced in the mitochondria. This molecule is responsible for supplying energy to every cell in our body. Its deficiency contributes to lowering performance by reducing the amount of energy and putting the body in a state of fatigue and lack of energy.
Supplementation with exogenous ATP improves blood supply to skeletal muscles and prolongs their duration of action by positively influencing the transport of nutrients to cells. Improving blood flow through less active muscle tissues can remove waste products such as lactate. Furthermore, orally ingested ATP is metabolically readily available to tissues and influences the metabolism of adenine nucleotides during exercise.
Elite ATP has been adapted to the needs of amateur and professional athletes. The unique formula of adenosine-5′-triphosphate (ATP), a molecule produced in our body by the mitochondria, is the basic energy carrier, which mainly promotes muscle endurance and the intensity with which we can conduct our training. Much depends on ATP in the entire energy metabolism, so its appropriate level determines the effectiveness of our training. This molecule is responsible for supplying energy to our body during exercise, if the ATP level is low, our body gets tired much faster.
Elite ATP with its disodium form significantly increases its bioavailability. It buffers ATP in the stomach, and according to the literature, ATP itself should be metabolically available after reaching the duodenum, which has been shown to be the most biologically active site for ATP metabolism and absorption.
Until a few years ago, supplementation with exogenous ATP was treated in a rather controversial way. The subject of the controversy was mainly the question of possible bioavailability since it has been suggested that ATP is unable to function properly in gastric acidity. As we know, the key segment of the gastrointestinal tract for adenosine-5'-triphosphate is the duodenum which must be reached to be effective to the muscular system. The disodium form acts as a barrier against harmful factors and finally allows correct absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.
The mechanisms of action of disodium adenosine 5'-triphosphate are very complex, however to imagine it we will use a simple example. We perform the barbell on a bench with the X weight. Assuming we do 10 reps, we will probably be able to do a few more after a short rest. In the meantime, with Elite ATP integration, we will be able to reduce the rest time as our energy carriers rebuild faster. It also works during a set, where, with a large number of repetitions, our body is already starting the energy recovery process before the next one. So with resistance training, we get much better regeneration and the ability to increase intensity.
There is a close link between the oxygen demand of the muscle and the increase in blood flow. Erythrocytes regulate this response by acting as "oxygen sensors". When oxygen levels are low in the working region of the muscles, the red blood cells deform and release ATP. The result is vasodilation and increased blood flow to the working muscles, improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen. Long-term oral administration of Elite ATP has been shown to increase both the absorption and synthesis of ATP in red blood cells.
Oral ATP reduces muscle fatigue and allows for greater energy capacity during high intensity exercises. In studies, an increase in the number of repetitions performed up to 24% was observed in intermediate athletes. Looking at the effects of Elite ATP on strength, there was a more rapid and consistent increase in strength during the study than in the placebo group. It included trained men with at least 6 months of experience in strength training.
In another study of more advanced athletes who supplemented with Elite ATP, an increase in maximum strength was observed after 12 weeks in the following measures:
- 7 kg bench press (4.1 kg placebo group)
- 19.2 kg squat (placebo 6.1 kg)
- deadlift from 29 kg (placebo group 4.1 kg)

Elite ATP and recovery
The cause of overtraining is notoriously the imbalance between training stimulus and recovery between workouts. If the stimulus exceeds the athlete's ability to adapt, performance drops will occur; eventually it takes weeks (overload) or months (overtraining). In multiple studies, the administration of Elite ATP led to greater recovery between sets and after training due to the increased delivery and availability of nutrients.
Under normal training conditions, when glycogen levels are likely to be adequate, Elite ATP supplementation is able to maintain a higher intensity, resulting in higher rates of protein breakdown. However, if you are exposed to higher exercise rates, your glycogen levels are likely to deplete, preventing you from doing higher intensity exercises. As such, the integration of Elite ATP is able to suppress the increase in protein breakdown with respect to the site thus preventing catabolism as well as promoting complete muscle recovery.

Take one capsule a day pre workout.

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