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Ready to take your training to the next level? Giving up is inevitable as soon as your hands and forearms have cramps. The Climaqx Ultra Grips feature a flexible non-slip rubber, which you can wrap around any barbell or other gear in seconds. Your hands and forearms are noticeably lifted, meaning you can use significantly higher weight with more reps from the first application.
Pushing exercises
Be it bench press, biceps or triceps exercises or shoulder presses. Maximum grip and stability are essential to be able to train hard and intensely. The integrated hand bandage gives you more control and protects your wrist from injury. During pushing exercises, the Climaqx Ultra Grips rubber can be placed between the palm and the barbell in seconds. The incredibly better muscle sensation is immediately noticeable from the first rep.
Traction exercises
During traction exercises, the flexible rubber can be quickly wrapped around the barbell or other equipment with one hand. The focus of the exercise can therefore be completely placed on the back muscles, while the forearms and hands are completely lifted from the load. Muscle growth is greatly activated.

Product information
48% silica gel 32% glass fiber 10% nylon 10% polyfoam
Non-slip rubber for maximum grip
Durable polyester seams for high loads
Integrated foam for wrist protection and high comfort
Sold in pairs (1x left side / 1x right side)
Different rubber lengths depending on the size selected for a perfect fit

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