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Eneractive Recovery

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Eneractive Recovery is a food supplement indicated for sportsmen who practice intense physical activity. The product contains amino acids and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contribute to the recovery of normal muscle function (contraction) after intense and/or prolonged exercise that leads to muscle fatigue and glycogen stores depletion in skeletal muscles (the beneficial effect is obtained by consuming carbohydrates from all sources to a total of 4 g per kg of body weight, starting the intake within the first 4 hours after exercise and concluding it within 6 hours after such exercise). The coconut extract has a supporting and restorative action.

The optimal drink to use before, during and after an athlete's performance must meet some fundamental requirements:
- support constant energy performance, without peaks or drops in blood sugars;
- have very rapid digestion and absorption capacity, so that the elements it provides can be readily used;
- must have maximum gastrointestinal tolerance, without weighing the stomach down, give swelling, fermentation, annoying cramps, or osmotic diarrhea;
- maintain or restore proper hydration.

Eneractive Recovery responds absolutely to all requirements to improve and make the performance more effective and more prolonged in its intensity, promoting a faster muscle recovery for athletes of any sport that undergo long and intense workouts, especially if the training is carried out with high frequency. Just think of the workouts of runners or cyclists, or the exhausting training of combat sports or cross-fitters.

Eneractive Recovery supports sport performance by bringing energy from the mixture of three different types of carbohydrates (Isomaltulose Palatinose ™, Maltodextrin Glucidex®, and the innovative Cyclodextrin Cluster Dextrin®), entering into action very quickly without creating glycemic peaks and drops or excessive insulin response; releasing in the bloodstream in a non-aggressive, prolonged way. There will be no so-called glycemic "crashes", but only rapid energy for the athlete, who can now afford to prolong the effort thanks to the very gradual release of these precious carbs.

It is of fundamental importance for the sportsman in action, or when it has just finished the workout, that the introduction of this type of carbs will not create digestive efforts. Thanks to their chemical-osmotic characteristics, these carbohydrates will quickly pass through the digestive tract without giving feelings of heaviness, swelling or nausea, to be quickly absorbed in the intestine, without risking discomforts such as abdominal cramps or osmotic diarrhea, frequent with certain supplements based on simple sugars.

Eneractive Recovery contains a mixture of precious branched amino acids (BCAAs) as well as all essential amino acids that are completely and immediately available.
Sustamine®, the dipeptide form with the highest absorption of Glutamine, is also present, which is a great help.
The presence of L-Citrulline is an additional aid for muscle support.

Eneractive Recovery responds very well to one of the most important problems for the athlete: hydration. The runner, the cyclist, the skier, the fighter, every sportsman needs to have maximum performance and maintain its physiological functions, avoiding dehydration in the most absolute way. An athlete must counter this risk, especially in the hottest season where sweating, with the consequent loss of electrolytes, increases significantly, risking to compromise performance.

So, together with liquids that will be introduced during and after the performance, to reinforce electrolytes recovery, with the use of Eneractive Recovery will also provide freeze-dried coconut water, a magnificent natural super concentrate of highly bioavailable mineral salts with a great thirst-quenching and rehydrating power (it is hypotonic).

Dissolve 3 scoops (47 g) in 300 ml of water and take once a day after physical activity.

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