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Tongkat Ali

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Tongkat Ali, also known as Longjack, has been shown to support male hormonal balance (including Testosterone availability), libido and performance according to studies. A study evaluating the Testosterone-promoting benefits of Tongkat Ali also discovered higher levels of energy and physical strength among athletes taking a Tonkat Ali supplement compared to those not taking it.
Tongkat Ali is a herbal remedy that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia and Long Jack supplements are quickly becoming one of the most popular on the market, largely thanks to clinical studies that demonstrate just how powerful they can be when it comes to boosting Testosterone levels in men. Another thing that drives the popularity of this incredible herb is that fitness and health celebrities like Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris, and Derek of More Plates More Dates publicize their experiences with this unique supplement. While Tongkat Ali is best known for its ability to increase Testosterone levels by up to 300 points according to some experts, it is also used to increase strength, athletic performance and increase muscle mass. Many men also report increased energy and improvements in sexual health as well.
Long Jack, extracted from the Eurycoma Longifolia plant. It stimulates the production of Testosterone and lowers cortisol levels and supports the process of building lean muscle mass. The extract, thanks to its plant origin, is safe to use and does not cause side effects. Furthermore, it improves sexual performance, in fact Eurycoma Longjack root extract also has properties that improve libido, increase sexual performance with a beneficial effect on sperm quality. Thanks to the substance - 9-hydroxycantine-6-in - this agent has a positive effect on erection and fights annoying problems, such as premature ejaculation. In addition, it increases the quantity and motility of spermatozoa in the sperm, due to which the reproductive capacity of a man improves. It also results in improved well-being, self-esteem and confidence.

Ingredients per capsule:
Tongkat Ali (eurycoma longifolia 200:1) 300mg

2 capsules per day before main meals.

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