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Turk by Freedom Formulations with one of the hottest new ingredients in the entire sports supplement industry: Turkesterone. Turk is the advanced formula for potency and strength with no side effects. An exceptional product that combines the natural, highly sought after and effective Turkesterone, extracted from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant and Epicatechin. All with the addition of Bioperine to maximize absorption of the 2 principles and therefore their effectiveness.
Freedom Formulations took another breakthrough in muscle science by creating a natural product that can take anabolic properties to the next level.
Turk is a natural blend of herbal ingredients, formulated to improve body composition, increase muscle endurance, improve recovery time and increase muscle growth naturally. Epicatechin included has been shown to improve muscle growth, increase nitric oxide production, improve vascularity and improve strength naturally. in Turk Turkesterone and Epicatechin are perfectly blended to create the most potent natural anabolic supplement on the market.
A supplement of natural origin, as strong as certain pharmacological agents. Some in this regard call it a natural prohormone due to its functioning. However, it is completely safe for the body, does not burden the liver and does not block the endogenous production of Testosterone. So it can be used in complete safety and without the need for PCT of course.
Turkesterone is currently causing a stir in the supplement market due to its high efficiency. Using Turk, you can count on an increase in muscle mass and a change in body composition. The body is more willing to shed fat and uncover muscle. Turkesterone can also be used as a support for a bulking cycle or during cutting to give the figure a cleaner look.
The supplement contains a significant amount of Ajuga Turkestanica extract, which is rich in two potent ecdysteroids. These are compounds of natural origin that show a strong anabolic effect. The supplement is recommended for people who want to significantly intensify the muscle protein synthesis processes in the body, but do not want to use prohormones or other pharmacological substances. It is a great alternative to PH and SAA.

Ajuga Turkestanica extract standardized to 10% Turkesterone - the plant extract itself is not only a rich source of turkesterone, but also contains ecdysterone. Ajuga Turkestanica gives a much stronger effect, because it provides two powerful natural active compounds that show a high anabolic potential. Ecdysteroids are completely natural substances. People on a healthy, balanced diet may provide some ecdysteroid, but this is too little to produce an anabolic effect. Turk provides up to 1000 mg of extract, which results in a strong effect.

Epicatechin - promotes growth activation by increasing the advantage of follistatin over myostatin, thus enabling the preservation and development of muscle tissue. The acceleration of the reconstruction process of the supported muscle damage is perceptible, also reducing the formation of fibrosis. It supports the creation of an antioxidant barrier, increasing the stability of muscle tissue and promoting the maintenance of adequate conditions of the cardiovascular system, nervous system and liver. It has strong antioxidant properties and its action is similar to insulin. Thanks to this, it allows to stimulate the growth of muscle mass. Additionally, research has shown that epicatechins effectively support the heart and vascular system. The action allows blood vessels to widen, reducing blood pressure. The antioxidant effect also reduces lipid peroxidation, which results in protection against atherosclerosis.

Bioperine - the purpose of the active ingredient is to increase the absorption of turkesterone and epicatechin. Bioperine allows to increase blood circulation in the digestive system, which means that the active ingredients with it have the possibility of a much more effective absorption. In addition, it supports metabolism, improves digestion and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Take 3 capsules a day.

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