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Lipid Less by the innovative LimitLess is the new reference in the panorama of supplements for controlling cholesterol levels.
Based on the best active ingredients and patents in circulation such as OLECOL® olive extract, Trans resveratrol VERI-TE™, Garlic extract, Policosanols, Monacolins, COQ10, Betaine and fundamental vitamins such as Niacin and Vitamin E which in their together they contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and good blood pressure functioning. This exceptional and refined synergy of selected ingredients will not only work on "lowering" total and bad cholesterol but will improve cardiovascular and metabolic health, also providing an antioxidant action to the entire organism.
As a whole, Lipid Less is the new all-in-one reference for cardiovascular health, fusing all those active ingredients that will fully support you from a health and anti-aging perspective.
Cardiovascular problems are commonplace, with unimaginable healthcare costs. Eating disorders, drug abuse and a sedentary lifestyle also put a strain on the lipid profile. This is where cholesterol comes into play, a fat-soluble substance that travels in the blood thanks to specific transporters called lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are complexes made up of triglycerides, cholesteryl esters, phospholipids, unesterified cholesterol and proteins. The main function of lipoproteins is found in the transport of fats to peripheral tissues and from these to the liver.

Total cholesterol is mainly divided into 2 large classes: LDL and HDL.
HDL, High Density Lipoprotein, are the fraction of cholesterol defined as good and transport the cholesterol itself from the periphery to the liver so that it can be reused.
LDL, Low Density Lipoprotein, are the fractions defined as "bad", which direct cholesterol from the liver to the periphery, facilitating its deposition on the walls of arterial vessels. The most dangerous LDL for cardiovascular problems are oxidized LDL, which is caused by the abuse of processed and refined foods, also called junk food, and in a sedentary lifestyle which can cause an increase in inflammation and free radicals in chronic conditions.

Furthermore, there is another fat danger to cardiovascular health: triglycerides
If cholesterol is present in normal quantities it does not cause any problem but on the contrary, if it is present in high quantities, especially unbalanced on oxidized LDL, it can cause problems such as the much feared atherosclerosis, which is a pathological condition characterized by alterations in the walls of the arteries, which lose their elasticity due to the accumulation of cholesterol, inflammatory cells and fibrotic material, thus leading to other complications such as heart attack or stroke.
The Mediterranean diet, the heritage of UNESCU, among all its dictates, sees above all oily fish, red wine (in moderation) and olive oil and is associated with low mortality especially for cardiovascular diseases. Among the constituents of olive oil, the main ones are triglycerides, accounting for approximately 98% and representing the saponifiable fraction. The other "minor" substances, i.e. 2%, represent the unsaponifiable fraction. But it is precisely this last fraction that contains the famous polyphenols with antioxidant action and specifically oleuropein, a polyphenol present in the leaves and fruits of the olive tree, to which the major health benefits deriving from the consumption of olive oil are linked. olive.

It is recommended to take at least 2 tablets a day with water, divided into 2 divided administrations, immediately before a meal, away from coffee or grapefruit juice.

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