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Zinc Citrate

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Zinc Citrate from 7 Nutrition is a capsule supplement with zinc in the form of citrate. A product that requires two months of supplementation to make the most of the benefits of this mineral essential for health. Support the health of the body with zinc in an easily digestible form that will quickly fill the deficiencies of this substance. Zinc supports the correct functioning of the reproductive system, positively influences fertility and the metabolism of macronutrients: carbohydrates, fatty acids and Vitamin A. Zinc effectively increases the level of Testosterone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). It also affects the increase in protein synthesis. Zinc supplementation will keep nails, hair and skin healthy. It also helps maintain strong bones and maintain an acid-base balance.
The high bioavailability of 47 mg of citrate per capsule allows you to quickly replenish mineral deficiencies in the body. Zinc deficiencies cause skin deterioration, hair loss and long wound healing. This microelement is also useful in anti-acne treatment. In addition, it participates in reproductive processes and influences the optimal functioning of the immune system.
Zinc deficiency is often associated with difficult absorption due to gastrointestinal disorders (celiac disease, enteritis, pancreatitis). A higher zinc intake is indicated for athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, people with reduced immunity. Zinc is particularly recommended for athletes and people who perform physical activity.

Take 1 tablets a day with plenty of water.

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