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VOSS, the purest natural water there is. Until you've sipped VOSS Still Water or Sparkle Water (non-fizzy and fizzy), you'll have no idea what that really means.
VOSS is a true celebrity in its industry, because it is among the purest waters around. It is mined in Iveland, a small village in southern Norway. It is located under a layer of rock and sand, which act as a natural filter and preserve it from any source of pollution. Its very high levels of purity make it one of the most requested waters by VIPs and it is present in the best restaurant and hotel chains. In addition to its indisputable qualities, VOSS also stands out for the design of its bottle: simple and refined but always of great impact. The plastic bottles are made of BPA-free PET, the company has always been committed to reducing emissions and protecting the territory, as well as the health of consumers. The PET solution allows you to carry your bottle of VOSS always with you, to always have proper hydration and enjoy all the benefits that only such a pure drink can guarantee.
VOSS is not just water, it is part of what are considered luxury waters. In addition, SuppsIT has imported brand new flavored versions such as Strawberry / Ginger Sparkling (strawberry and ginger firzzante) or Tangerine / Lemongrass Sparkling (tangerine and lemongrass sparkling). Without the addition of sugars or artificial flavors.
VIPs love them for their unmistakable flavor, as well as for the refined bottle design. In addition to being the perfect flavored water if you want to drink something refreshing, it can be used as a base for preparing cocktails or for special combinations in the kitchen. Also highly recommended for those who do not drink a sufficient daily amount of water: with an aromatic and refreshing touch, the flavored waters help a lot in this sense and the taste buds will thank you because they are so delicious! The difference with any other water will mean that you will never want to do without it.

Natural mineral water, sodium bicarbonate and natural flavors.
Nutritional values ​​(100ml): Energy 0 kJ / 0 Kcal, Fats 0 gr, Saturated Fats 0gr, Carbohydrates 0 gr, Sugars 0 gr, Proteins 0gr.

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