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Activate Xtreme

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Driven Sports Activate Xtreme is designed not only to increase Testosterone but also to provide adaptogen support, estrogen control and mood maintenance. Using Extended Release technology you will feel the effects all day, providing your body with the ideal anabolic environment to build lean mass. Driven Sports is a brand whose hallmark is innovation, scientific research and a range of products that provides real results for all athletes.

Activate Xtreme was introduced by DS several years ago and over the years the formula has evolved to take advantage of new scientific research. Activate Xtreme focuses on four key areas to deliver benefits to users:
- Increases natural Testosterone levels, associated with increases in strength and mass gains
- Regulates the sex hormone binding globulin, something that can block the actions of high levels of Testosterone. Activate Xtreme contains ingredients that ensure total Testosterone levels increase, guaranteeing users the benefits of a high level of Testosterone.
- Estrogen control is essential as high testosterone levels can cause a conversion to estrogen which can have deleterious effects. Activate Xtreme ensures that estrogens are controlled to get the benefits of Testosterone without side effects.
- Increased growth hormone levels (GH) resulting in improved lean mass and reduced body fat. In this regard, Activate Xtreme goes far beyond what a standard testobooster would be capable of.

Activate Xtreme is a complete product as it is rich in extremely innovative and effective ingredients, born from the ambitious idea of ​​creating a product of a new conception that aims to increase the endogenous production of Testosterone in a completely natural and safe way.
Activate Xtreme is a powerful stimulant that optimizes total Testosterone levels and maximizes free Testosterone levels, greatly improving strength, energy and endurance during training.

Stimulant of natural Testosterone
Its formula has been specifically designed to support the performance of athletes by promoting Testosterone levels at the expense of estrogen levels. In fact this product inhibits the production of estrogen by controlling its release, resulting in an increase in Testosterone. Its formulation was marketed only after careful research and studies lasted over a year to present the best product the market could offer.
From a sample check carried out on men who used Driven Sports Activate Xtreme for a period of 4 weeks, it was found that their percentage of free Testosterone reached peaks greater than 136%, while the amount of total Testosterone increased by 105% . These data are significant as they confirm the extreme effectiveness of this product and the explosive power that follows from its recruitment.
Activate Xtreme uses an advanced sustained release technology that releases substances throughout the day, prolonging release times and creating the ideal anabolic environment to support muscle growth and increase strength during training.

Among the most important ingredients it contains we must mention the Mucuna Pruriens, a natural adaptogen able to protect the body's cells thanks to its strong antioxidant action. This extract has positive effects on the release of GH growth hormone by increasing its levels in the body. GH is a hormone involved in several functions including the synthesis of the sex hormone sTAR and the luteinizing hormone LH, vital in the production of the male hormone Testosterone.
This extract has been used since ancient times for its aphrodisiac qualities and for its stimulating properties. Some studies also suggest its power in reducing the levels of Cortisol, the stress hormone and Prolactin, a hormone associated mainly with female breastfeeding and which in humans is released following an orgasm, in the refractory period. Mucuna Pruriens increases the levels of Dopamine which in turn reduces the secretion of prolactin by decreasing the refractory period, supporting sexual vigor and reviving the libido.

Returning to the category of natural stimulants we recommend using 2 capsules 2-3 times a day on an empty stomach. To get the best results we recommend the use for a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 weeks, a period that we suggest not to exceed.


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