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Vitamin D3 10000 IU

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Vitamin D-3 10000 IU of 120 softgels by Now Foods is a supplement of Vitamin D3 obtained from Lanolin, a very important element for the calcification of bones, the health of joints and skin. This supplement contributes in a very important way to the formation of cholecalciferol and is formulated in softgels that guarantee perfect assimilation.
Vitamin D3 is one of the most important vitamins for health and well-being. It must be considered that it is not found in many foods or is present in very limited quantities, but is obtained from exposure to UV rays of sunlight.
Excellent antioxidant and hormonal optimizer
Integration from external sources is important given the demonstrated benefit given by its integration, established that the real useful dosage is much higher than what has always been established in the classic and now obsolete RDA, especially in athletes.
As for sports practice and training, this supplement is very important for strength and endurance as confirmed by several studies, it also contributes to the production of endogenous Testosterone and therefore to improve results in the gym.
Vitamin D3, among the best antioxidants, is a supplement of extraordinary quality, it is in fact formulated with controlled and certified sources. The high concentration helps keep the bones healthy and strong, a very important condition not only to support the workloads and the frequent stresses of training but also to adequately support the increase in muscle mass during the construction phase. Just as regards the stimulus to hypertrophic growth, it must be considered that Vitamin D3 has positive effects on sports preparation as it is linked to the modulation of Testosterone, one of the nutritional synergies of this vitamin is in fact aimed at a perfect maintenance of muscle anabolism.
Vitamin D-3 10000 IU is a supplement that completes a wide range of specific supplements to improve sports practice. You can integrate it as a daily supplement to your diet with a dosage of one capsule combined with the main meal of the day.


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